I was sitting silently on my front porch back in Australia. I was surrounded by kangaroos the moon was shining and the stars were bright and I was alone that night. Surrounded by the darkness, the warmth of the earth. And behind me I could feel the mountains reaching up to the sky. I was rocking my chair a little up and down and in my hand I held a cigarette and I was drawing on it heavenly. Sucking in life and some times a fly that just passed by.

With my other hand I was hitting the mosquitoes that were sucking me dry. I lifted up my head a little and focused my eyes on a star and wanted to speak and say so much to this star. And when I looked at this star tears were rolling down my cheeks and I lowered my head for way back in Australia I was always very sad. And I said star you always follow me around where ever I roam and yet I am a man so alone. With out a home. And than I lifted my head again and it was as if the star had come a little closer to me and he said....Don't you see.....Don't you see......And I had to be honest and I said no I don't see me....I don't see me. I feel lost I said I have traveled around so much always following the sun and I see the stars at night and the moon shine above me. I Have lived I said in a world with out love. That is why I often look in to the sky.

Than the star said but I love you ....And again I had to be honest and said I don't  know. Than the star spoke again and said the sun loves you and the moon and all the other planets. I couldn't believe my ears , I looked up in to the sky and not only at the star that spoke to me but to all the others and stated to see more than I ever saw before. Millions of stars were shining brightly. And on the right of me was the moon and they all sang together we love you come home soon. 

Tears were rolling down my cheeks but no longer of sadness, but I felt I was coming home. I no longer had that feeling that I was alone. and I kept opening my eyes more and more. And above me I saw this great light, that light went brighter and brighter. And all of a sudden I was no more.

I  Never had that feeling again except at the shore when I am near the ocean, I melt with the sea, than there is no me. And now I write this here in Rethymnon on the island of Crete. I look at the ocean at that wonderful sea. At night I lift my head to see the stars. I never seen them so bright. It in lightens my night .and the moon is here so strong, so powerful. And day after day I pick out that star the one that spoke to me, the one that at first said I love thee.......

I learned since than that this star lives in me and that I live in that star. And I want to keep on shining so brightly. With out wanting . It is difficult and I try with out trying. But I do a lot of crying walking away from my inner home. Than I feel sad again and so alone. But I feel that no star is far and I speak to that star all the time. be course I have learned he is not only mine but belongs also to you .This star is universal . It belongs to every one.

And where ever you are alone and you have so many scars and stories to tell. so many things that you still see at night..... And the pain is to great......There is a star hanging above your head alive and well.

This a story I wanted to tell. And maybe this is what they wanted to say at Christmas time that the star of Bethlehem is not only for Jesus but for you as well.

                                                                     Luka 1980




 I am fighting with the waves of love 
thoughts and thoughts are filling the air 
in which birds sing their song of loving 
being with the trees 
in me alive is yesterday 
and many tomorrows 
I run from this moment now 
in all her glory 
why don't I give myself this moment 
is its love so great 
that I shall disappear 
and I keep on holding to me 
the riversides of life 
afraid to drown in love 
in internal waters 
of life's blessing 
oh come all your flowers 
awake in my heart 
oh come all your birds 
start singing the song of love 
and come beautiful light 
take away the darkness 
of the soul 
so I can be a light for me 
for others to see. 

                    14-6-94 Crete 


Hello lover 
I am your friend 
wanting to give you just a little push 
towards light....where light is 
away from dark thoughts 
sad feelings 
where loneliness is missing you 
come hold your inner child 
in your loving arms 
and place it gently 
with love in your heart 
letting the sun bring light 
but do it easy 
do it oh so gentle 
also too much sunlight 
can leave burning scars 
and when all is done 
speak to your inner child 
with loving words 
start singing songs of sweet dreams 
and when tears appear in your wondrous eyes 
let them fall softly like snowflakes 
in to your heart 
creating a ocean of being 
purifying all 
giving you clear eyes 
to touch stars 
drinking moonshine 
with dancing feet 
with a heart filled with joy 
and laughter 
wanting to share 
wanting to give 
this loving power 
this loving healing 
to other hearts which are so hurt 
don't be hurt my love 
come I say rise in loving 
and hate will be unknown to you 
you are the Buddha within 

  13 12 97


Try to see

Try to see the world through some one else's eyes it will take away your sorrow. look deeper than beyond feel there hurt and there pain. Instead of thinking on your own you will never be alone. Listen to what some one says feel what they feel in there ways. Because there are so many of you that have days feeling blue. Deep down in every one there is a child that may have been hurt so long ago. the only thing we can do is to look through there eyes you know. Feel the pain and try to understand that we are all brothers and sisters that need a friend don't shout some one down when he is depressed or not around. Don't say things you don't understand but first give a loving hand. Put your self in there place. If within you feel hate, remember  there your brother and sisters love them don't leave it to late. Your reward will be high way above the sky. Your own feelings will be so great you feel like your on top of a cloud you also feel like screaming aloud we are all brothers and sisters no matter who we are. If we try to understand each other, we glow within more than the brightest star.



Out of nowhere

Softly  my feet touch the earth. it has been raining and the smell is freshness. I walk on and listen to the birds sing. My eyes are now focused in the sky and the sun blinds my eyes. Thoughts and thoughts rush trough my head about you and me. I am seeing the wonder of it all. That our hell is heaven and our heaven is hell. I am no more than a blade of grass giving birth through the earth, in to the wide open sky. Where the mighty wind whispers just be have no expectations. Don't force your way above the trees. Just be who ever you are. And you find your face in your self. And softly I walked on and saw a flower and sad I want to be like you. And to much surprise I listen to a voice in my heart saying, through all acceptance of your self you are all which is alive or death. For the sun is not the sun. The moon is not the moon. Not even the blade of grass dancing so freely in the light. But the light is your face. And which is alive dances to it's rhythm. Life give birth in darkness. 


Love thy neighbor

If al mankind were naked and we owned not even our self's how wonderful this world would be. For hear me . I 'd lent you my ear so you may listen to your weary mind. I'd hold your hand so we are one. I'd put my arm around you to hold you up and if you were blind you could use my eyes. If you had no legs to walk on I carry you to the river where the water is clean. You could listen to the birds and feel the wind in your face. I'd share with you the gifts of nature in sadness I would sing for you. For you I make a place under the sun watch over you so that you want get burned. Protect you from the cold nights with the warm flesh of my body. I'd gather flowers among the trees and give them all to you. And if tears sprang from your eyes I will dry them to make room for more. And than dry them again. I would share your joy but also your sadness. And I would never leave you. And when time has called on you to rest your self for ever I'd dig you a grave and while doing so your grave will be moistened with the tears that I shed for the loss of a friend. And after I buried you I'd kneel down bow my head and say a little pray over you. I than reach my hands to the sky and ask to protect this world from a invasion of mankind that build cars create pollution make war and still say. Love thy neighbor.



Listen carefully listen softly I am what I always be hear the wind blow love and see the sun smile I am happy for just being me you can not change the wind or rain you can not change me even if you do I always be me for better or worth I'll be what ever my heart or mind wants to conceive .And if at times you didn't like me you may have seen a reflection of your own and I didn't know any better. Thank you for listening while I was me only me.









And the seed touched  the soil and started to grow. Rain came pouring down giving life to the flowers. And the wind came and made them strong. And the sun made them warm, her colors reflecting them them at light. And at night the flowers bowed there heads in loving grace. All was good all was very good. In the morning they opened up for the sun, the rain, the wind, and they listened to the birds sing and made many friend in nature. There was a bee and a beautiful butterfly. And life as a flower was good, it was very good .Of course there were many other flowers around her every one unique , all dancing in the wind. And in the morning you could find the dew drops sliding of the blades of grass. So delicate so very wonderful. And the dew drops moistened the earth in which they stood. And the flowers looked up in to the sky, and in silence they knew all is endless. And in there hearts they grew seeds. And when they had grown to there full potential , the wind spread them all around. And life went on it always does, nothing dies. not even I whispered the flower to the bee and they both had a good laugh together. And the flower said, it is said that some do not see the circle of creation that all is round . Yes answered the bee and flew away. Carried by the wind going nowhere.



Love is the seed

We are standing on the threshold of major disasters. we are living in a world full of aggression. Yes in a world with out love. For we don't know what love is. Our hate is more authentic than our love. And yet they are the same energy. Feel this in your heart mister president leaders of the world, before your finger reach the button. Soldiers before you kill or destroy I want you to remember these words that we don't know what loving is. man women and children. when our hearts are filled with hate the can also be filled with love.  For love is the seed and you are the flower.



Comforting nr 1

When darkness has closed you inn hold your head up high, start a fresh make a new begin than dry your eyes. look at the waters melting the snow. look at the flowers for they love you so.

when your eyes are blinded and darkness has come your way look around and be reminded what life has done for you today.

It brings you sunshine it brings you rain it has given you the time to love them both the same.




Comforting Nr 2

Its not easy to feel the pain but if you don't you will stand in the rain.

The key to fear is to fear is to conquer to conquer brings you light.

Don't hide don't hide stand in the light.

To shed a tear is not easy to do.

To keep them inside is not alright so cry cry cry cry let those tear drops flow.

Than you know which way to go.







Comforting Nr 3

If you want me as I am than find me in the flesh on burning sand.

When the sun has come out at morn in the light you will find me at dawn.

when you see me in the streets don't take me for what I stand.

my fancy cloth can deceive you I may not own a cent. The smile I give could be a cry from with inn so let me tell you where to begin.

Don't believe what you see I could be lonely as can be I could have been here I could have been there what does it matter I have been every where.

So let me tell you where to begin. If you want me as I am than find me in the flesh on burning sand and you have found who I am.



Comforting Nr 4

How many people are lonely and don't have to be.

Do you walk along the street and see no one to greet.

Do you sit alone at home feeling so alone.

With empty chairs around and others having fun in town.

What is wrong don't  be this way.

What is wrong don't be this way.

Your hearts can be filled with glow.

 Your chairs with people you know, just smile and say hello to someone you don't know.


Village of Love

{I leave you my Dream}

And there shall be a village and the village is called love and in this village love will be creation and in creation is endless growth. And this village will be in the sun and rain.

Where  people of all nations will live in growth. And all who come with a dark side in there soul will turn it to light. All women and man will be equal and all will be creators in the moment taking yesterday in to day and today in tomorrow.

Village of love will have the height of the mountains the low of the valleys and the river flowing by, not so far away from the ocean .

Its music will be the sound of meditation there will be no leaders, all will be one voice and will not be separate from the world the market place. But a link to others seeking them self's in peace love and understanding.

And in this village will be the teachings of Jesus, Buddha and Osho. And all that have brought light in to the world.

The sound of the river will be the blood flowing through our veins. And the ocean waves hitting the shore our home coming.

There will be peace there will no war and all darkness will grow towards light. hog