"There is something in Your voice which gives me inner peace and leads me to a sort of lightness. I just listen to Your voice and feel great"a friend told him .



And here is the story:

As a child in Holland he performed in Dutch radio shows with great success. Then his father took him to Australia and left him on his own when he was 15. At the age of twenty-one he was a TV advertising star well known inAustralia as "Mister Demo". He performed as an actor and singer too.
In his lonesome nightly hours he started to write poems and little songs to comfort his soul.

Studied the practical part of  psychotherapy at H.B.O.  Academy and worked as a social worker mainly in the field of comforting.
When he returned to Europe, he married his second  wife and worked for Jan Foudraine, 
a famous and controversial psychiatrist in Holland. After this period of steadiness he roamed around all Europe as a performing artist, singer-songwriter and entertainer,  A Raving Spirit .

Finally he found a place of silence and growth on the island of santorini and Crete.

Always on the way to find his own inner being he went deep into Christianity and later into Buddhism. As a disciple of Osho he found his own way to search for his inner home: 
Writing songs and singing of the light.

That's what his  poems, aphorisms and  songs  are about: finding Yourself,
Your inner being and bringing it to light, understanding and sympathy for the simple things in life, flowers, trees, rivers and animals, and of course
humans and humanity.

Listen to him and feel
The Healing Power Of A Voice.





He is home, performing and living his philosophy:
Be who you are, Own nothing, Be home, when You're homeless, Look around you and see how beautiful things are if you want them to be so, Give love to everyone.

No Guru, no prophet, no "healer", but a poet, a singer, a performer, may be a mystic...

  Luka speaks Dutch, English and German. He writes and sings in English.
This is the beginning of a documentation about his life and